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Dogliani was formerly known as Dolcetto di Dogliani. But many people though that it is a sweet wine. So the name was changed. Now it is time to taste 3 of the best Dogliani.

The Chionetti 2015 Dogliani Briccolero has elder, sour cherry and blackberry and is full-bodied with a lot of tannin, structure, medium long finish and a good balance. 17.5/20 points.

The Abbona 2015 Dogliani Papa Celso also has elder and sour cherry and is full-bodied, with tannin, structure and density. 17.5/20 points.

The wine with the most power and elegance is the Pecchenino 2015 Dogliani Superiore Siri d‘Jermu. It is full-bodied and dense with a good structure and a long finish. 18.3/20 points.

All three wines have a opaque or almost opaque purple colour and a good structure with tannin but not much fruit. It seems that 2015 is a tannic vintage like it is for Barolo. The wines have lost their primary fruitiness and are now in a closed phase. Therefore it makes sense to give them more time to open up again.

Dolcetto is always a good choice, you get a lot of wine for a small money.