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This time we tasted 2007 Comtes de Champagne, a mature Grüner Veltliner, a classic Chablis, an unknown Californian wine, 1971 La Conseillante and 1967 Suduiraut.

Although the Taittinger 2007 Comtes de Champagne will still need a lot of time to reach its peak, it can be enjoyed now with a lot of fun. Fine perlage, blossoms, a hint of white nougat and a little sweetness, it is medium- to full-bodied, creamy, mineral, powerful, fresh and extraordinary winey. It has a long finish and potential with age for a higher score. 18.8/20 points.

The Nigl 2002 Grüner Veltliner Privat is nutty and vegetal,  has medium-body, balance and a medium finish. The wine really held up well. We did not agree on the rating. Depending on whether you like mature Grüner Veltliner or not: 15.5-17.5/20 points.

The La Meuliere 2014 Chablis Les Larmes de L‘Oubli started with a lot of walnut and herbs. It has medium-body, mineral, a medium to long finish and very little fruit. This is a very classic Chablis AC. 17/20 points.

We did not know anything about the Concannon Vineyard 1967 Livermore Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and so had to look up first where Livermore Valley actually is in California. We learned that Concannon was one of the first land owners and wine producers in this valley. This wine really shows the high quality that was produced in California in the 60s and 70s. It emerges from the glass with expressive and complex notes of powdered sugar, strawberry, herbs, Plaka and violets.  Full-bodied on the palate and a high fruit sweetness but is also fresh and elegant. Simply amazing.  19.5/20 points.

The Chateau La Conseillante 1971 shows the durability of Bordeaux wines. It has cassis and black fruits, a full-body, balance and a medium to long finish. It is still youthful and needs aeration before it gets rose petals. You will never believe that it is 50 years old and it will last for at least 10 years more. It again shows that vintage 1971 in Bordeaux needed time to develop. 19/20 points.

From what we've read in the literature, this appears to have been a really exceptional bottle. The Chateau Suduiraut 1967 has fragrant notes of roasted caramel, herbs, roasted chestnuts, almonds, a light sweetness, a medium- to full-body, a long finish, balance, precision and a high density. With air it gets more and more sweet. 18.8/20 points.