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 It is famous but difficult to buy.

Although this wine is made of Viognier, it is completely different from anything else which is made of this variety like Condrieu. So perhaps it is correct that this wine has its own "Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée".

In April 2019 we tasted the vintage 2010 at a restaurant at Tain-l'Hermitage and we were very surprised. The wine had wax, butter and flowers and very little residual sugar, minerality. It was long and cremig but nothing reminded me of Viognier. The wine seemed to be very young with a great promise that it could age very well.

So, I wanted to taste an older Grillet, even it is very difficult to find on the market. The colour of the wine is still light gold and it has wax, flowers and almost no fruits. It is full-bodied, mineraliic, a little bit animalic, dense, long and a lot of Glycerine. Perhaps a little bit like a Character Riesling.