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Two great red wines saved the long evening, Paolo Scavino 1995 Barolo Rocche dell‘Annunziata and Occidental 2016 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir Cuvée Elizabeth.

This time we have two Chardonnays from California and Germany and two Rieslings from Germany.

Our wines from the Kistler mailling list have just arrived. And we taste a surprising Greek wine.

The Kistler Pinot Noir was imported by us using the mailing list.

The white wines are from California, Rhone and Mosel. We brought the Nebbiolos back from our Piedmont short trip.

We had a great evening with Argiolas Turriga and Kongsgaard Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

This time we have Pinot Noir, Barolo and Portwine.

During the blind tasting it appears to be three California wines. But one is from Bordeaux.

Three great wines for dinner in ascending order.

Which wine goes best with a nice venison roast? Barolo, Californian Pinot Noir or a Chateauneuf-du-Pape?

We compare the very rare "Traumzeit Großes Känguru" from W.E. Frank wines with one of the top Chardonnays of Kistler.

Here we have two great red wines from La Spinetta and Gaja and a Beckstoffer To-Kalon.

We compared two Pinot Noir from Burgundy and California in the same price range.

This time we tasted 2007 Comtes de Champagne, a mature Grüner Veltliner, a classic Chablis, an unknown Californian wine, 1971 La Conseillante and 1967 Suduiraut.

This time we tasted Chateauneuf-du-Pape versus California.

Now it is time for two bottles which we bought at the last online auction.

It is a strange combination - Barolo Riserva and Pinot Noir from California.

New vintages in Tuscany, especially 2016, were praised. The Super Tuscans of 2015 did not really convince us. So what about Chianti Classico and Flaccianello? Finally three different Californian reds.

Older vintages of Monte Bello were traditional Californian Reds. The new vintages seem to be modern and fruity.

For us the Gloria Ferrer 2007 Carneros Cuvée is the best sparkling of the new world and also most probably the best sparkling outside the Champagne. Sadly the 2007 vintage is not available anymore, so we were very excited when the new vintage 2010 arrived.

One of our subscriptions to mailing lists of Californian wineries is Kistler. And each time the new wines arrive, we are very happy to see that the Chardonnay is not less than 18/20 points.

We cannot affort to buy a Maybach car. But we can affort to buy a Maybach wine although it is not cheap. The Materium is one of the best Cabernets from California.

Four Rieslings from Nahe, Mosel and Rheingau plus Monte Bello Chardonnay resulted in a nice evening. Life is good!

Various red wines from Germany, California and Chile accompanied the main course.

There was no topic, it should just be fun.

A great Burgundy must be perfectly balanced and complex. And so is the Ramey 2001 Chardonnay Hudson.

This time we really had mixed stuff: A perfect White Bordeaux from California, a great Barolo 60 years old and a new cuvee from Würtemberg.

Masi, Raka, Bodegas Los Astrales, Dönnhoff and Orin Swift were tasted on this evening.

No matter which region, we wanted to taste some great wines. And we were lucky in our selection.

Two days ago we got the new wines from our Kongsgaard mailing list. Again great stuff?

We tasted some older bottles from Italy (Puglia and Campania), Rioja, Australia and California. Some were over, only one was great.