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Let's go with Spumante from Piedmont, St. Joseph from the Rhone and a Spätlese from the Nahe.

This time we have Champagne, Barbera from Piedmont, a Pomerol, a Port Epigone from South Africa and a fortified wine from Australia.

We have a very rare wine from the Montmartre vineyard in Paris and a sensational Barolo Cerequio 2016.

Today there is one Merlot from the Napa Valley and two Barolo.

Here we have a Gattinara from 1961.

There is a Chardonnay from Kistler this time, as well as 2 great Barolo.

Moscato d'Asti doesn't hold up? Merlot only produces simple, fruity wines? It's time to put an end to these prejudices.

This time we have two Barolo from Conterno-Fantino from the 2019 vintage and as a reference the Sandrone 2019 Barolo Le Vigne.

We taste Barolo 2019 from Sandrone and Altare, Gattinara from Nervi and a Pinot Noir from Friedrich Becker.

Here we have vintages 1947, 1995, 2015 and 2016.

Here we have a Barolo Le Vigne from the excellent 2013 vintage.

1997 was a great vintage, but also a hot one. Not all Nebbiolo have held up well.

We have from Juris 2007 Pinot Noir different vineyards and a 2016 Barolo Cannubi.

There is a Brunello Cerretalto and Barolo from the great 2016 and 2019 vintages. The new Barolo vintages have such perfect tannins that they can be drunk with pleasure even young.

Riesling, White Rioja and Fortified are degustated this time.

Today we taste a Belle Epoque as well as Nebbiolo from the 2019 vintage.

There are Freisa and Verduno Perlaverga.

This time we have Switzerland, Rhone and Piedmont.

Wines are from Alphone Mellot, Francois Villard, Charles Joguet, Bartolo Mascarello and Conterno-Fantino.

We have a young Pinot Noir and a mature Barbaresco Riserva.

Today there are 3 different top Barolo from 3 different vintages.

Today we have some bottle that I brought back from Italy in May.

The Chardonnay Bussiador, together with Gaia & Rey, is one of the best Chardonnays in Italy. We have it this time, together with an Arneis Spumante.

For a birthday, you have to open great wines.

Timorasso is a white grape variety in Piedmont and in great demand right now. There is a lot of information on the website timorasso.de. We taste the top wine from Roagna.

We also taste the first Barolo from the 2019 vintage.

We have Elio Grasso vs. Alain Voge.

We have Barolo from Giovanni Canonica and Vietti.

This time it is Deiss, Vietti, a semi-sweet from Georgia und a sweet Madiran.

A friend donated two interesting bottles.

Today's wines are Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc, Pieropan Soave and Chardonnay from Piedmont.

We have two 1964 wines, a Barolo and a Bordeaux, as well as the 1994 Orion Old Vines and a fantastic sweet wine experience.