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This was a lot of fun with Piedmont.

Unfortunately the Damilano 1971 Barbaresco was maderized.

We had better luck with Giacomo Borgogno 1971 Barbaresco Riserva. Borgogno is well known for its excellent Barolo Riserva which age very well (e.g. vintages 1931, 1947, 1952, ...). But also the Barbaresco Riserva is always a good choice. It is more elegant, with more fruit but less tannin. With powdered sugar, spices, cinnamon and a slightly animalic, it is a full-bodied wine with structure and tannin, full-bodied, balanced and a long finish. 18.5/20 points.

We continued with the vintage 1971. Nobody could believe what awesome wine was in this bottle Giordano 1971 Barbera d‘Alba. With kirsch, powdered sugar, herbs and spices and full-body, tannin, balance, complexity, long finish and a Barbera untypical low acidity, this wine was suprisingly great. 19/20 points.

Most likely the Accornero 2015 Grignolino Bricco del Bosco Vigne Vecchie is the best Grignolino.  Most Grignolino have a rose colour, this one is really ruby. With almonds, cherry pit, black tea and walnut, medium-body, structure, density, long finish and much tannin, it has some similiarities to Nebbiolo. 18/20 points.

Old Erbaluce Passito from Enrico Serafino are not well-known but always big fun. The Enrico Serafino 1939 Erbaluce Passito Vino Stravecchio Riserva is a complex sweet wine with cocoa, beet syrup, lime and herbs. It is full-bodied, fresh, balanced and very dense with a great structure and complexity. 19.5/20 points.