Who & Why

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Stefan Sedlmeyr is the proprietor of the Munich Wine Company and he deals with wine for decades. Ralph Wendlandt works for the Munich Wine Company and is a member of the Münchener-Weinkreis, too. He tastes wine for over 25 years and has collected over 17000 degustation notes. In 2023 Daniel Berr, also working for the Munich Wine Company and tasting high-end wines for over 25 years, joined our tasting team.

We are asked often for recommendations or what we drink privately. So we are trying to give you the answer here. Almost all of the articles here will be in English but perhaps rarely there will be one article in German.

A lot of tastings is done by Stefan and Ralph after a long working day, when the evening also gets long. That's the reason why this site is called long evenings.

None of the tastings are paid for by anyone or compensated in any other way. All the wines come from our private cellars. We try to be as objective as possible. Our wine scoring system is the 20 points system which is very popular in Europe. A good explanation of the 20 points system is from Rene Gabriel.