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There are two great Rieslings and a wine in the style of a white Bordeaux.

After two beautiful sparkling wines, we turn our attention to Chardonnay from Germany, together with a pirate.

Riesling, White Rioja and Fortified are degustated this time.

After the vacation, we return to old habits and taste great wines.

Sauvignon Blanc from Von Winning and Silvaner from Klaus Keller.

There is Riesling and wines from France - Bordeaux and Rhone.

Today we have Rheinhessen and Rheingau - Klaus Keller with his best white-labeled Riesling and Weingut Krone with two excellent Pinot Noir.

This time: the top sparkling wine from Raumland, two Sauvignon Blanc from the New World and a Cote Rotie from Guigal.

Here we have a Duval-Leroy Champagne, a Viognier from Germany, a Klaus Keller Riesling, two old Masi Amarone and a mature Tignanello.

Rheinhessen, Kamptal, Liguria and Piedmont are the wine regions this time.

Two German Riesling wines, an awesome Chateau Climens and a perfect Barolo from 1971 were the basis for a long evening.

Here we have a mixture of Rhone, Mosel, Rheinhessen and California.

In addition to Riesling from Rheinhessen and three Californian wines, this time we have Ygrec and Petrus.

Our wines from the Kongsggard mailing list have just arrived.

This time: Bubbles from the Mosel (or to be more precise from the Saar) and Riesling from Rheinhessen.

This time we have two Chardonnays from California and Germany and two Rieslings from Germany.

Many high-end wines have become very expensive. If you search for quality and a good value for money than German Riesling is it.

The German Spätburgunder and Pinot Noir is getting better and better and so there is now a large selection of great wines.

We compare the very rare "Traumzeit Großes Känguru" from W.E. Frank wines with one of the top Chardonnays of Kistler.

Keller 2007 Hubacker Riesling Großes Gewächs and two fine Nebbiolo from Elio Grasso and La Spinetta were tasted this time.

Now it is time for two bottles which we bought at the last online auction.

Various white wines from Germany and Loire were the accompaniment to a pulpo salad.

There was no topic, it should just be fun.

2011 is a forgotten year for German Riesling. It is neither an exceptional nor a bad vintage and so it is not remembered well. Let's see how the vintage really is.

It all started when we had a monkfish for dinner and wanted to have a perfect match. So we just wanted to have a good Riesling as accompaniment and opened some bottles. Finally we had a extensive Riesling tasting with 8 Riesling and one pirate.