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There is Riesling and wines from France - Bordeaux and Rhone.

The Immich-Batterieberg 2018 Escheburg Riesling is a sensational value for money and is a typical Riesling from the Mosel with acidity and little residual sugar. It is balanced and spicy with tobacco, nutmeg, apricot and peach. The wine has medium body, a medium to long finish and is perfectly ripe now. 18/20 points.

The Battenfeld-Spanier 2015 Riesling C.O. is one of Germany's great Rieslings. It has cool fruit, orange zest, chamomile, complexity, medium to full body, a bit more acidity, lots of extract and phenolic notes. 18.8/20 points.
Addition: The half-full bottle was in the refrigerator. When we tasted it again after 2 days, we were amazed at how it has evolved. 19.5/20 points.

Things get even better with the Kühling-Gillot 2012 Nackenheimer Rothenberg Riesling GG Wurzelecht. The wine has flowers, tobacco, orange zest, floor wax, full body, a long finish, perfect balance, complexity, full power and is very mineral and very dense. 19.3/20 points. Unfortunately, the wine is now an expensive auction wine.

The sweet fruit and spice make it not immediately recognizable as a Bordeaux. The Château Montrose 2009 St. Estephe 2eme Cru Classe has lots of cherry and barrique, full body, a long finish, lots of tannin, structure, lots of fruit and potential. With aeration it also has typical Cabernet flavors. 18.8/20 points with potential for more.

The Les Cailloux 2020 Chateauneuf du Pape is a clean Rhone wine without brettanomyces, but with raspberry, blackberry, herbs, full body, a slight lactic, a medium-long finish and perfect balance. 18/20 points.

The Clos des Papes 2021 Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc is far too young. It now has pear, blossoms, spicy aromas, a full body, balance and a medium-long finish. As with older vintages, this wine needs a lot of time (10 years or more) to reach its peak. You should not open the wine now, but cellar it. 17.8/20 points now, but certainly 18/20 or more in 10 years.