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One of the best vineyards for Spätburgunder in Germany is often overlooked: The Fellbacher Lämmler. In addition to sensational Lemberger, great Spätburgunder are also produced here. We taste 3 different producers.

Certainly, there are more great Blaufränkisch in Austria than in Würtemberg, where the grape variety is called Lemberger. But there are more and more. In previous vintages, Schnaitmann's Fellbacher Lämmler was almost always the best Lemberger, but the other winemakers have caught up. Compared to top Spätburgunder from Germany, Lembergers are still a bargain for the quality.

This time we have wines from the Rhone, Tuscany, Palatinate and Würtemberg.

The Schnaitmann winery will release the vintage 2019 of Fellbacher Lämmer Lemberger Großes Gewächs and Fellbacher Lämmer Spätburgunder Großes Gewächs in September 2021. In the meantime, we can taste some fun wines, which are perfect on the terrace in summer.

Various red wines from Germany, California and Chile accompanied the main course.

This time we really had mixed stuff: A perfect White Bordeaux from California, a great Barolo 60 years old and a new cuvee from Würtemberg.

No matter which region, we wanted to taste some great wines. And we were lucky in our selection.