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Here we have two bottles with Cabernet Franc, one is a blend with Shiraz and one is pure.

This time there is wine from Baden, Palatinate and Loire.

Wines are from Alphone Mellot, Francois Villard, Charles Joguet, Bartolo Mascarello and Conterno-Fantino.

This time: One of the best German sparklings, two amazing Rieslings, something from a new winery at the Loire and Lopez de Heredia in 3 variants.

One of the best Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire.

The Loire wine region is very dynamic and producers a lot of interesting and great wine. The red wines of the Loire from Cabernet Franc can now be drunk young, but improve over many years of maturity.

Various white wines from Germany and Loire were the accompaniment to a pulpo salad.