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Here we have two bottles with Cabernet Franc, one is a blend with Shiraz and one is pure.

The Château de Villeneuve 2015 Saumur-Champigny Le Grand Clos is pure Cabernet Franc from the Loire. The wine has cherry pit, herbal and spicy notes, full body, still enough tannin, nice structure and is polished, spicy, long and earthy. 17.8/20 points.

The Jasper Hill 1998 Emily's Paddock Shiraz - Cabernet Franc is a cuvée that is archetypal of Australia with its opulent eucalyptus and blueberry notes. The wine is somewhat perfumed and has a full body, medium-long finish, good balance and great structure. It's amazing how well this fruit-driven red has held up. 18.8/20 points.