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Certainly, there are more great Blaufränkisch in Austria than in Würtemberg, where the grape variety is called Lemberger. But there are more and more. In previous vintages, Schnaitmann's Fellbacher Lämmler was almost always the best Lemberger, but the other winemakers have caught up. Compared to top Spätburgunder from Germany, Lembergers are still a bargain for the quality.

The Schnaitmann 2020 Fellbacher Lämmler Lemberger Großes Gewächs is the most traditional Lemberger in this tasting. While not as powerful, it is extremely elegant and complex. The wine has elderberry, blackberry, cassis, blossoms, white pepper, spice, medium to full body, perfect balance, a long finish and seems very light on its feet. 18.5-18.8/20 points.

The Aldinger 2020 Fellbacher Lämmler Lemberger Großes Gewächs is more powerful and modern with dark toast, blueberry, cassis, almost full body, balance, medium-long finish and good density. The wine has plenty of tannin and potential. 18.5/20 points.

The Graf Neipperg 2020 Schwaigerner Ruthe Lemberger Großes Gewächs has dark toast, bacon, blackberry, elderberry, full body, rich tannin, density, structure and a long finish. 18.5/20 points.

The Graf Neipperg 2020 Neipperger Schlossberg Lemberger Großes Gewächs is unanimously the best wine of this tasting. It is indistinguishable from a Blaufränkisch and has blackberry, light animalism, with air also some powdered sugar, full body, great density and structure, a long finish and complexity. The wine has the most minerality in this tasting. 19/20 points.

The Karl Haidle 2019 Stettener Gehrnhalde Lemberger Großes Gewächs is very modern and heavily influenced by wood with coconut, bounty, chocolate, blackberry, herbs, full body, long finish and good structure. 18/20 points.