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Riesling, White Rioja and Fortified are degustated this time.

The Heymann-Löwenstein 2016 Winninger Uhlen Riesling B is a sensational Riesling with blossoms, lime, light herbs, dried apricots, peach, full body and lots of extract. The wine is very mineral, dense, balanced and with a long finish. 19.3/20 points.

The Von Winning 2015 Königsbacher Ölberg Riesling Großes Gewächs has sweet blossoms, honey, some nutmeg, medium to full body, good balance and a slight residual sweetness that gives the wine creaminess and some breadth. 18.3/20 points.

The Wagner-Stempel 2016 Siefersheimer Heerkretz Riesling Großes Gewächs has notes of old wooden barrels, nutmeg, medium body, good balance and a long finish. 17.3/20 points.

It is sensational how fresh the 70-80 years old CVNE NV Blanco Semidulce Corona is. The level is very good with BON (base-of-neck) and the wine has an ocher color with green rim, a powerful nose with walnut, blossoms, plum, coffee, a full body, a long finish and perfect balance. Rarely are Rioja wines from this era so clean and precise, and additionally so fresh. At least 18.8/20 points.

The Marchesi di Barolo NV Barolo Chinato from the 60s is a classic tart Barolo Chinato with 16.5% alcohol and 180 grams of residual sugar. The wine has lots of herbal, tannic, and bitter notes and is a classic digestive. 17/20 points.

Old Marsala con Uovo with at least 40 years of age always amaze. The Intorcia NV Marsala Special con Uovo is from the 60s and has 18% alcohol and 200gr residual sugar. It has a powerful nose with chocolate, nut, rum, eggnog, woodruff and full body, balance and a long finish. This is the perfect chocolate liqueur. 18/20 points.