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Besides Barolo Chinato, there are other wines from Piedmont with cinchona bark.

If you love herbal infused beverages, then Barolo Chinato is for you. Barolo Chinato lasts for decades and even an opened bottle lasts for years if kept cool. Besides Barolo Chinato, other cinchona-infused drinks from the 1960s are sensational.

This bottle of Borgogno Bianco Aperitivo d'Eccezione is from the 60's or older and it was treated like a Barolo Chinato. Cinchona bark, other herbs, sugar and alcohol was added to a white wine. The long maturation in the bottle gives the wine an extra complexity. The wine has cinchona bark, herbs, nut, a full-body, perfect balance, density and a long finish. 16.5% vol. alcohol. 18.5/20 points.

Martini is one of the famous producers in Piedmont. The Martini NV Elexir di China is also from the 60's or older. It has 31% vol. alcohol and it seems to be rather something to mix than to drink alone. It is dense and viscous like motor oil with a lot of glycerin, herbs, nut, a more than full-body, a very long finish, complexity and balance. It is extrem powerful and concentrated. 19/20 points.