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For a birthday, you have to open great wines.

Just like its white counterpart, the Ferrari 2008 Riserva del Fondatore Rosé is far too young now, even though this is the current vintage with 12 years of yeast aging. The wine is currently undeveloped and will need another 10-20 years to reach drinking maturity. Now the wine has fine perlage, strawberry, blossoms, perfect balance, medium length and lots of potential. 17.5/20 points now and clearly more in 10-20 years.

The Moet & Chandon 2000 Dom Perignon P2 has 16 years of yeast aging, but only little brioche. This Champagne is extremely elegant and still has a lot of potential and needs aeration. The wine is amazingly fresh and evolves with lots of blossoms, long finish, structure, density and elegance. 19/20 points.

The Robert Mondavi 1967 Cabernet Sauvignon comes from the era of classic Bordeaux-style California wines. The wine is just perfect and complex with plaka, powdered sugar, iodine, cassis, tar, herbs, mint, full body, long finish, perfect structure, density, balance and complexity. 20/20 points.

The Giacomo Conterno 2002 Barolo Monfortino Riserva is a perfect archetypal classic Barolo of the highest elegance with phenolic notes, tar, herbs, some cherry, full body, melted tannin, structure, balance, long finish and lots of complexity. 20/20 points.

A perfect finish is the Château Caillou 1959 Barsac Creme de Tete with lots of burnt caramel, candied hazelnuts, buttered caramel, butter, mint, honey, almonds, medium to full body and long finish. The wine is dense, mineral, complex, balanced and has sweetness but also enough acidity similar to a Riesling TBA. 19/20 points.