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We don't want to spent the money for a Monfortino and with Cascina Francia there is an alternative from Giacomo Conterno which is similar in quality but different in style with more fruit and freshness.

So we love to drink Cascina Francia. In 2008 Giacomo Conterno purchased a plot in the Ceretta vinyard and in 2015 he bought the complete Arione vineyard. So now there are 3 Barolo Francia, Ceretta and Arione. So, we were curious about the two ones we did not know. The Barolo Ceretta 2013 is a mixture of classic style and elegance with an extrem fine tannin you cannot find in Barolos from other producers.The colour is ruby and the powerful nose has leather, liquorice, powdered sugar and red currants. It is full-bodied with an extremely silky and fine tannin, structure, red fruits, slightly sweet, perfectly balanced and a long finish. 19.3/20 points.