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We have a very rare wine from the Montmartre vineyard in Paris and a sensational Barolo Cerequio 2016.

This wine is only available in Paris and is very rare: The Clos Montmartre 2022 Cuvée du Sport Fête des Vendanges Rouge comes from the Montmartre vineyard in Paris and is somewhat unusual, but fun to drink. Made from the Gamay grape variety, the wine has cherry pit, cherry, plaka, blueberries, medium to full body, medium to long finish and is balanced but rather simple. 16.5/20 points.

We are not fans of Michele Chiarlo and used to find the wines rather rustic. After the sensational 2019 Barolo Cannubi, the Michele Chiarlo 2016 Barolo Cerequio surprised us. The wine has a complex nose with cherry, sweetish fruit notes, blossoms, as well as full body, balance, only medium structure, medium to long finish and a beautiful fruit sweetness. The wine is elegant and complex, but has a little less power and density. 19/20 points.