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We explore new territory - Merlot Blanc de Noir and the two autochthonous grape varieties Nascetta and Timorasso.

The Le Strette 2020 Pasinot Nas-Cëtta del Comune di Novello Langhe is made from Nascetta, a white autochthonous grape variety in Piedmont. With apricot, peach and blossoms, its nose is similar to a Riesling but its palate does not have the structure and acidity. Nevertheless the wine is spicy and mineral. 16/20 points.

We are not fans of Blanc de Noir for non-sparkling wines and so we would not have expected this quality from a Blanc de Noir: The Gehrig 2021 Merlot Blanc de Noir has yellow plum, herbs, red currants, a medium-body, a medium to long finish and a freshness like a Riesling. 16.3/20 points.

This is a very rare wine with small quantities: The Giacomo Borgogno 2019 Derthona Scaldapulce, made of Timorasso, needs a lot of time to develop but will hold for a long time. The wine has blossoms, a full-body, balance, density, mineral, spice, a medium to long finish and a fine freshness. It has a lot of potential and will need 3-5 years of maturity. 18/20 points.

The Claudio Mariotto 2018 Derthona is also made of Timorasso, a white autochthonous grape variety in Piedmont. This Derthona jumps with lots of blossoms, especially jasmine, out of the glass. The wine has full-body, balance, freshness and a medium to long finish. 17.8/20 points.