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A great Burgundy must be perfectly balanced and complex. And so is the Ramey 2001 Chardonnay Hudson.

It is incredible how durable a Californian Chardonnay can be. We know that a young Ramey Chardonnay lasts for weeks in a openend bottle if it is stored in a fridge. But we never expected this duability for a 20 years old Chardonnay from California.

The Ramey 2001 Chardonnay Hudson has a golden colour and is fresh, you never would guess the correct age. With spices, buts and blossoms in the nose and full-body, spices, freshness, complexity, a light sweetness, a long finish and perfect balance, it has everything I would expect from a great Wihte Burgundy. With aeration it gets white chocolate and a bit of caramel and is similar to a White Burgundy, at least to a modern one. 19.5/20 points.