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This time the evening brought a surprisingly fresh Assyrtiko, a large Gräfenberg and sensational Californians.

We were very surprised and didn't expect how fresh this Greek white wine is. The Argyros 2020 Santorini Assyrtiko has a lean aroma with light pear and some vegetal, medium body, minerality, balance, freshness and medium length. 17/20 points.

The Robert Weil 2019 Kiedricher Gräfenberg Riesling Großes Gewächs has apricot, peach, medium body, balance, minerality, a slight bitter note and a long finish. The wine is a little rounder and more aromatic than its previous vintages. 18/20 points.

The red Monte Bello is more famous, but for us the Monte Bello Chardonnay is the better wine. The Ridge 2019 Monte Bello Chardonnay is expressive with vanilla, some caramel and above all fudge. The wine has full body, perfect balance, a long finish and high complexity with caramel, fudge, and blossoms. If the bottle is open, then it is empty. 19.8/20 points.

The  Judge is now expensive (already on the mailing list $300.-), but worth every Euro. Chardonnay of the same quality from Burgundy costs 4-5 times as much. The Kongsgaard 2019 Chardonnay The Judge has blossoms, phenolic notes, quince, full body, great inner density, tremendous length and is mineral, very balanced and complex. Now 19.8/20 points, but closer to 20/20 points with more maturity.

The Caymus Special Selection is always a great wine. But the Caymus 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon 40 Anniversary 1972-2012 is the finest wine ever made at Caymus. The wine is perfect and has blackberry, elderberry, cassis, herbs, bacon, complexity, a full body and great structure with lots of tannin. The wine needs a lot of air and then gets better and better, including notes of powdered sugar. 20/20 points.

The Ridge 2016 Monte Bello is quintessentially Californian, but with a touch of European styling. The wine has lots of cassis, full body, cool aromas, tannins, medium to long finish and mineral notes and balance. 19/20 points.