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Georg Breuer's Riesling Schlossberg reaches higher and higher prices in auctions. Why?

Our last extensive wine tasting of a complete vintage of Georg Breuer's wines is long ago - it was vintage 1999. The wines did not really convince us but also in 1999 the Schlossberg was the best of the dry Rieslings. That's why decided to taste a younger vintage. 2010 is an excellent vintage for German Riesling and so the Schlossberg can proof its quality.

The 2010 Schlossberg is a full-bodied power Riesling with flowers, wax and orange zests. It is dense, oily, long lasting and mineralic and it needs some time to open up. it is not a typical Riesling and reminds me of Character Rieslings from Heymann-Löwenstein, Peter-Jakob Kühn and W.E. Frank. Overall it is a great wine (18.8/20 points) which was really worth to buy.