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Three old fine wine - 1949 Clos Vougeot, 1959 Rauenthaler Gehrn Riesling TBA, 1971 Bensheimer Streichling Riesling TBA - were donated by a friend.

Red Burgundy wines have a high resilience for ullage. Sometimes old wines with an ullage of 8cm are still nice to drink. Here we have an ullage of 5cm, that's a perfect level: The Domaine Leymarie 1949 Clos Vougeot Grand Cru is an exciting and complex wine with rosehip, strawberry, leather, toasted notes, chocolate box, and black tea. It has sweet fruit, a medium-body, a medium long finish and perfect balance. 19/20 points.

The Pfarrgut Rauenthal 1959 Rauenthaler Gehrn Riesling TBA has a nice sweetness, but lacks some complexity. The wine has myrrh, black Tea, a medium-body, a medium long finish, toasted notes and balance. 16.8/20 points.

1959 and 1971 were great vintages and this wine proves it: The Staatsweingüter Eltville 1971 Bensheimer Streichling Riesling TBA is very complex with flowers, black tea, hazelnut, herbs, a medium to full-body, a lot of sugar and extract, a high acidity which resutls in medium sweetness, a good structure, complexity, lots of power and a long finish. This is an unusual sweet wine with lots of power and density. 18.5/20 points.