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Torres is one of the historic producers in Spain outside Rioja. It is famous for the Etiqueta Negra. But you can find some other wines in auctions, also white wines. Are this wines perhaps an alternative for the white Rioja which are getting more and more expensive?

1983 Gran Vina Sol Gran Reserva (green label), white, 11.65%: Grape varieties Parellada and Sauvignon Blanc, 6 month matured in American oak. This is a very interessting wine - medium-bodied but very expressiv smell and taste of peppermint and a little bit caramel. It is slightly mineralic, medium length and well balanced. 16.3/20 points.

1984 Gran Vina Sol Reserva (white label), white, 11.7%: Grape varieties Parellada and Chardonnay, 3 months Limousin barrique. Medium-strength in the nose, is has flowers and a bit caramel. It is medium-bodied with honey wine, egg prick and a bit of caramel in the finish. Too old: 14.5/20 points.

1967 Sangre de Toro Seco Reserva, red: It has a garnet ruby colour and has a lot of herbs in the nose. It is medium-bodied, and a bit austere and has "box of chocolates" and shoe polish. With aeration it gets a little bit sweeter. 15.3/20 points.