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It is boring to always drink only German wines with the top grape varieties Riesling and Pinot Noir. Therefore, this time we have Silvaner and Weissburgunder (=Pinot Blanc).

The Von Winning 2018 Weisser Burgunder 500 is very modern and has a lot of barrique notes at the moment. The wine has full body, good balance, creaminess, coffee, mocha, floral notes, lime, a slight bitter note and lots of potential. Aging of 3-5 years is appropriate to allow the barrique to integrate. 17.3/20 points now, but potential for 18/20 in a few years.

The Rudolph May 2021 "Der Schäfer" Silvaner Reserve is modern and atypical of Silvaner. It has caramel, floral notes, lime, full body, balance, medium length and a nice freshness. With aeration, yellow plum develops among others and the wine becomes more recognizable as a Silvaner. 18.5/20 points.