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Today we have 3 powerful Rieslings and a Châteauneuf-du-Pape from 1923.

The Heymann-Löwenstein 2012 Winninger Uhlen Riesling Roth Lay Großes Gewächs is now perfectly ripe with apricot, candied apricots, blossoms, some honey, almost full body and a long finish. The wine is mineral and dense. 18.3/20 points.

The Von Winning 2019 Riesling Ozyetra is far too young and should be cellared for at least 5 years. The wine has vanilla, rosewood, almost full body, medium-long finish, density and balance. New wood is noticeable, yet the wine is elegant and has great potential. Currently 18.5/20 points with potential for more.

The dry Rieslings from J.B. Becker are extremely long-lived and need a certain amount of ageing. They should not be drunk too early. The J.B. Becker 2011 Wallufer Walkenberg Riesling Auslese trocken still appears youthful and is at the beginning of drinking maturity. However, the wine is still not at its peak and still has potential. The wine has blossoms, new wood, full body, a high density, lots of minerality and is fresh, perfectly balanced and long. 19/20 points.

Unbelievable how this wine stands after 101 years: The 1923 Châteauneuf-du-Pape is from an unknown winemaker or negociant and has a fill level of 6.5cm. The wine has sweetish notes (coming from its age), black cherries, some mocha, herbs, medium to full body, balance, medium length and is complex. 18.5/20 points and that at this poor fill level. Amazing!