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There are wines from Tuscany, Campania, Trentino and the Rhone.

The Felsina 1990 Fontalloro is now ripe, but has held up well. The wine has mint, herbs, full body, some acidity, long finish and gets some powdered sugar with air. This is a classic Sangiovese. 18/20 points.

The Mastroberardino 1990 Taurasi Radici (black label=Riserva) needs a lot of air and must be decanted. The wine has butter, blackberry, blueberry, full body, tannin and is long and balanced. 18.3/20 points.

The 2010 Foradori Granato has herbs, blackberry, blueberry, full body, structure, medium density, medium length and balance. 18/20 points.

The Franck Balthazar 2019 Cornas sans soufre ajouté has no added sulphur, but keeps surprisingly well, even in the opened bottle for almost a week without any problems. The wine has blackberry, violets, butter, full body, very fine tannin, lots of potential, lots of extract, structure and is dense and long. 18.8/20 points.