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This was the first of Amphora wines from Gravner in Friuli. How is it in a magnum?

One of the great wines form Sauternes.

This is a perfect ripe Champagne.

This was an amazing long evening. And so were the wines. Four times 19 points or more!

Ths long evening we had an old fine wine from Spain (1948!), a wine with an interessting mix of grape varieties (Roussanne & Viognier), a Muscat from California and a rare Heitz.

1921, 1959, 1971 and 1976 are the great vintages for German Riesling. And 1975 - ofter forgotten but equal in quality. Here we have "Staatsweingüter Eltville / Kloster Eberbach" which is very famous for its old vintages from 40s to 70s.

Torres is one of the historic producers in Spain outside Rioja. It is famous for the Etiqueta Negra. But you can find some other wines in auctions, also white wines. Are this wines perhaps an alternative for the white Rioja which are getting more and more expensive?

Is this still alive?

Burgundy is difficult, often you don't know what you get. Is this wine over, only still alive or a legend? Let's try it.

Georg Breuer's Riesling Schlossberg reaches higher and higher prices in auctions. Why?

 It is famous but difficult to buy.

This is one of the best Bubbles of Itlay and it is aging extremly well.

The Royal City is one of the best Syrahs of Washington State.