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We have Elio Grasso vs. Alain Voge.

We have Barolo from Giovanni Canonica and Vietti.

This is a perfect pirate for any Cornas tasting.

This time we have wines from the Rhone, Tuscany, Palatinate and Würtemberg.

This time it is Deiss, Vietti, a semi-sweet from Georgia und a sweet Madiran.

A friend donated two interesting bottles.

Today we have 3 great Chardonnay from California and Burgundy.

Today's wines are Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc, Pieropan Soave and Chardonnay from Piedmont.

There is Riesling and wines from France - Bordeaux and Rhone.

If you're looking for a modern Pinot Noir, this is it.

We just returned from a fantastic wine trip from Bordeaux, organized by Armin Diel (www.armindiel.com). Therefore, we have immediately tasted a wine from the travel program, Château Canon-La-Gaffeliere. And also Chardonnays from Bernhard Koch, which are among the top German Chardonnays. Weingut Bernhard Koch from the Palatinate is not so well known, but makes sensational Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which belong to the top of Germany and are also very durable.

Two of the best sparklings from Germany and a truly great Pinot Noir - also from Germany.

The new Kistler Chardonnays 2020 from the mailing list just arrived.  Both wines can be drunk now. But cellaring will reward more complexity and finesse.

We have two 1964 wines, a Barolo and a Bordeaux, as well as the 1994 Orion Old Vines and a fantastic sweet wine experience.

2011 was the first year we imported Kistler via the mailing list.

Once again, brilliant wines from California and additionally a Mosel Spätlese.

We had the opportunity to taste some wines at a consignment.

Today we have Rheinhessen and Rheingau - Klaus Keller with his best white-labeled Riesling and Weingut Krone with two excellent Pinot Noir.

Hildegard seems to be a Chardonnay, but it is not. As a comparison, a great Chardonnay from Aubert.

Garage de Papa is perhaps the best wine from Israel at the moment. Bernhard Koch makes fantastic Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in the Palatinate, but is not yet as well known despite the high quality.

This time: the top sparkling wine from Raumland, two Sauvignon Blanc from the New World and a Cote Rotie from Guigal.

Actually, the 2021 Riesling vintage is still far too young, but a potential rating can already be given.

The wine of the evening was the 1967 Monte Real Blanco Reserva Semidulce, but we also had a great Champagne and three great reds.

There are ripe Dom Perignon, Karl Erbes and Chapoutier. We still don't know why Karl Erbes hasn't sold out long ago, given its quality and value for money.

We deal with a great Riesling and two red wines that, tasted blind, taste like the Northern Rhone.

This time we have a mature Champagne, a very good Bordeaux and a sensational Barolo.

This time there are La Spinetta and Gaja.

It is time again to open some high quality sample bottles.

Let's have a long evening with wines from different countries.

The HDV (The Hyde & De Villaine Families) 2017 Napa Valley Chardonnay Hyde Vineyard is a joint venture of the Hyde and the Villaine families.

Stefan is back, so we can do a liitle tasting.

It's not Christmas yet, but that's no reason not to taste Christmas wines after all.

Here we have a Duval-Leroy Champagne, a Viognier from Germany, a Klaus Keller Riesling, two old Masi Amarone and a mature Tignanello.

A sparkling wine made from Riesling with long yeast aging and a relatively young Champagne offer a very contrasting tasting this time.

Rheinhessen, Kamptal, Liguria and Piedmont are the wine regions this time.

We explore new territory - Merlot Blanc de Noir and the two autochthonous grape varieties Nascetta and Timorasso.

This time the evening brought a surprisingly fresh Assyrtiko, a large Gräfenberg and sensational Californians.

Nino Negri is one of the best producers in Valtellina.

Here we have two interesting wines, a white from Piedmont and a red from the northern Rhone.

Bassermann-Jordan not only makes great Rieslings, but also an excellent Pinot Noir.

Here we have 3 interesting wines: Barolo, Monferrato Nebbiolo and Dolcetto.

Here we have Boekenhoutskloof The Journeyman and Shafer Hillside Select.

Yes, one of the best red wines in Germany really does come from the Moselle, which is actually famous for its Riesling but not for red wine. In preparation for our Piedmont trip, we also drink a Barolo from Aldo Conterno, which is an alternative to the expensive Romirasco.

It's hard to find affordable red burgundy. Luckily we got some bottles donated by a friend. If you search hard enough you can find great affordable burgundies.

This time there are three white wines from different regions and a Barolo Riserva 1985.

Again it is time for old fine Bordeaux and an old bottle of Valbuena. All wines were spent by a friend.

The summer vacation is over and we start with the tasting of the new Barolo vintage 2018.

This is the second try of fine old wines from winery Knipser. We are again surprised at how well the wines have held up.

Unfortunately only winery Tesch provides a collectionbox with all their Rieslings in the practical format of 0,25l bottles. I would like to encourage other wineries to also offer wines in such a convenient format.

Three old fine wine - 1949 Clos Vougeot, 1959 Rauenthaler Gehrn Riesling TBA, 1971 Bensheimer Streichling Riesling TBA - were donated by a friend.

I , Ralph, brought some white wines from a long weekend at the Kaiserstuhl. The Kaiserstuhl is a famous wine region for the Pinot varieties - Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc), Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). The wines were tasted blind in the MWC.